Just published an openVZ, centos 5 based build of Darwin Calendar server, this is version 3.0 of the calendar/contact server written by Apple. They have not yet finalised it so this openVZ must also be treated as BETA. Subversion Revision 5312.

It’s very simple to setup, download the openVZ put it in your templates directory: /var/lib/vz/template/cache/

Create a new openVZ system, and before starting it you need to allow it to access a loopback device. If you’ve not done this before just follow these simple steps



  • ssh as root to your proxmox system
  • find a free loopback device: losetup -f
  • allow your new virtual access to it: vzctl set VID –devnodes loop0:rw –save

NOTE… VID is the ID of your new virtual system.

You can now start the virtual server and you should be able to connect to it straight away, https://:8843/ or https://:8443 with a web browser…You’ll see some RAW XML.

login as admin, passwd: aTai7aeg

Now that it’s responding you can go ahead and reconfigure it…/etc/caldavd/ is where all the configuration files are. Go ahead and add accounts to accounts.xml, make sure UID and GUID are unique. uuidgen is good for that.

to start/stop the services:

service dcs stop
service dcs start

Now try pointing a calDAV or cardDAV client at it, eg apple’s ical.app or addressbook.app.


All the calendar data is stored in the file /calData.dsk which is mounted automatically on boot via the loopback device.