3.2. Tado

I bought a new tado system for my house. I have 15 Radiator Values, the internet Bridge, and Extension kit. All seemed to be working well. Though it took weeks between ordering and delivering. A few teething issues but soon sorted.


Installation was simple and for a few weeks all worked well. We then went on holiday for two weeks, and while away we had a power cut. My internet connection (DSL router etc are on UPS so did not stop), however the Tado bridge and Extension kit are not and so they got a restart. They came back, but reported they couldn’t see all my radiator values or the hot water control (Odd as that’s the Extension kit). I sent a mail to Tado support asking for help as I could do anything. Tado did not respond to my request until 5 days later with some canned rubbish about “moving the bridge and checking my router”. I then come home to find that my boiler has been running 24×7 since the power cut.

I rebooted the bridge and extension kit again, and Tado shows me the status as good for all my devices again. However the boiler still remains on 24×7 and Tado is reporting that it’s switched off.

I then called their out of hours phone number… WHAT a big mistake that was. Yes some one answers it, however they are just an answering service, who take a note and e-mail into support, you get an e-mail from the support system which even says Emergency hotline, however they don’t call you back. I’ve now called the hotline 3 times today and they can’t get through to anyone and just send a mail. So if you have an issue out side of office hours… Good luck with that!

All in all this is not a product or company that’s ready for the market. Their claim of saving you money is just out right wrong. In fact it’s costing me money at the moment as I can’t shutdown my boiler. If I do then I won’t have hot water in the morning.

I’m now going to return the system to Tado for a full refund and bill them for the extra fuel my boiler is burning unnecessarily. All in all this system has cost me nearly £1000.