This was done for a few reasons..

  • Transparent, you can see what it’s doing.  Would you trust a random program that allows people to dial via your PBX? No thought not, this way you can see how it works and thus see that there isn’t any hidden code doing something nasty.


  • Exampleyou can take this can modify it however you like, so if you really do want to write it in C then please do.  It’s not likely to get you anything, the performance of Perl is just fine for this sort of thing, unless you’re handling thousands of call requests a second.
  • Customisableyou can change parts of it to suit your needs, eg the authentication methods, LDAP, file, or SQL. How it handles number does it need to put a 9 in front for outside lines, etc. Do you want to handle another parameter? Well AsteriskC2D on the iPhone can! so it’s handy the script can to!