AsteriskC2D and AsteriskC2DPro are identical, with just AsteriskC2D being limited in the number of configurations which can be stored.

With AsteriskC2D you are no longer constrained by where your deskphones are.  You can make and receive calls via your iPhone over the GSM network.  The voice part of the call is carried by the GSM network so you always get the best voice quality.


Note your PBX will be billed for both the outbound call and the GSM call to your mobile, however in most calling plans this GSM call cost is very small.




AsteriskC2D AsteriskC2DPro
PBXCodes Support YES YES
Native iPhone Application YES YES
Secure Connections (SSL) YES YES
Number of Configurations 2 Unlimited
Support for other PBX systems YES YES
VoIP Voice Call Handling NO Voice carried via GSM Network