With asteriskC2D I’m able to make calls from my iPhone and have them appear from my office line. I don’t suffer from issues with Poor VoIP quality due to issues with someone elses network. A GSM call to my phone is often cheeper than if I’d dialed it direct specially if I’m roaming.

This is a fantastic feature, I can hold phone calls with my customers without them knowing where I am or indeed sharing my mobile number.

Our PBX also supports conference bridges. With AsteriskC2D I’m able to call people into the conference rooms via my iPhone. Once everyone is in. I can have it add me in too. This way I can manage conferene calls even when I’m not in the office.

Finally as a corporation we can manage call costings via the PBX. No more hudge mobile phone bills. Upper management can also see via logging, calls that have been placed and thus report on staff activity.