5.2.8. Portable Power Distribution


Now I’m getting more into radio, and I want to be able to operate from my car. Ideally without running down the car’s own battery.

To that end I’ve installed a second 12V car battery in the boot of the car, and then built this power distribution unit to feed my radio equipment.

I’ve standardised on the Anderson Power system, it’s a great connector which can be used anywhere, both in and out. Parts list

  • Chunzehui F-1005 9 Port 40A

  • MICTUNING LCD Display DC Battery Monitor Meter 0-200V

I removed the case from the Chunzehui unit and then unsoldered the Anderson Power input from PCB, I needed the input power to come from the side, and put the display in between.

Printed the case on my 3D printer taking about 4 hours to print.


The wiring is very simple inside, just using chunky cable to make sure it can handle the Amps.

This unit then connects to my second battery and I can then feed all my radio equipment while out and about. I also added the USB powers, well why not.