Radioddity 73A

I was looking around for a second DMR radio to help with my DMR development. I came across this little gem.



It’s a nice small radio only 70cm but perfect for use with a pi-star hotspot. It will also work on Analog repeaters or PMR.

The battery has it’s own USB socket for charging so you can charge the batteries independent of the radio without any other hardware. Programming

This is where the radio falls down. It has a standard USB socket and can use any USB cable to charge or program it.

However the radio does not properly identify it’s self on the USB bus. This means that most systems will not see the radio. If you are using a windows 10 PC on physical hardware then it will likely mostly work, you might need to reboot the radio a few times while it’s connected to have it work.

If you want to use it in a virtual PC such as virtual box, then your out of luck. I did manage to pass the USB through while using Proxmox to a virtual windows 10 system.

I have spoken with Radioddity support about this, however they don’t seem too interested in fixing this.