Step by step guide for configuring your iPhone to synchronise calendars from Darwin Calendar Server, you can also read/write to delegated calendars (Assuming you have permissions).

Accessing your own Calendars

Since version 3.0 of the iPhone OS you have been able to subscribe to calDAV calendars.  Darwin Calendar Server is such a server.


  • System Settings -> “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” -> “Add Accounts” -> “Other” -> “Add CalDAV Account”
  • Enter your account details: “Server”, “User Name”, “Password”, “Description”
  • Select next.  If you are using SSL then you might need to accept the Cert (Unless you have also read our doc on creating Root Certs).
  • Your Personal Calendars should now be setup and available to you.



Accessing Delegated Calendars

This is very simple, just follow the above procedure, once your calendar is setup, select “Advanced Settings”.  In the “Account URL” you need to change the last part (/principals/users/fred), this will be your account name, delete your username (fred) and put in the username of the person who’s calendar you are delegated to read.


You can now accept these settings and head over to the calendar application where you should now be able to see the delegated calendar(s).  By default all the calendars are included in the view, however if you select “Calendars” you can then pick a specific calendar you want to see.

Make sure your default calendar is set correctly or you might end up making appointments in the wrong calendar.

Note: Once you’ve created an appointment you’ll not be able to change the calendar for that appointment via the iPhone.  You can of course do that in your