Details of how to setup Asterisk and AsteriskC2D to bring people into a conference call.

If you’re out of the office but still need to hold a conference call, maybe with some people who are in the office but others who are external maybe on mobiles or from a different company.

First you need to configure Asterisk to allow conference calls, this is very simple with just an edit of extensions.conf and meetme.conf.

In your “meetme.conf” file you need to define the conference number and any specific settings for that conference:


; Configuration file for MeetMe simple conference rooms
; for Asterisk of course.
; Usage is conf => confno[,pin]
conf => 2590
conf => 2591,1234
conf => 2592

Here we have 3 conference bridges set up one requires a pin to access it.


In “extensions.conf”, we then allow the dialling of these conference bridges:


exten => _259[0-2],1,Answer()
exten => _259[0-2],n,Wait(1)
exten => _259[0-2],n,MeetMe(${EXTEN},p)
exten => _259[0-2],n,Playback(VW-goodbye)
exten => _259[0-2],n,Hangup()


Now you just need to reload Asterisk and your conference bridges should be functional.  Just try dialling one from your deskphone. It that’s all working or already configured for you, then you can configure AsteriskC2D to allow you to call people and place them directly into the conference.

Create a new PBX configuration, and enter the PBX server details as normal, you’ll also need to specify your username and password.  However for the “Extension” parameter, rather than specifying you deskphone or mobile phone number, you can specify one of the conference bridge numbers, eg “LOCAL/2590”.  Save the configuration. Now when you select a contact to dial, rather than them connecting to your phone they will be connected to the conference bridge.

It’s recommended to connect yourself to the bridge first and then bring the others in, that way they don’t feel like they are just hanging around.  Either use AsteriskC2D to dial your self into the bridge or dial direct (If you can).  You can then swap to the AsteriskC2D Application on iPhone while you call is still in progress using the iPhones “Home” button.

In our office each people has their own conference bridge, that way we don’t end up with conflicts.  Their bridge number is just their extension number with a number 1 in front, which also makes it simple for them to remember.