Both AsteriskC2D and AsteriskC2DPro support installation of additional PBX configurations. If you are a VoIP service provider your configurations can be included here. You can either build your own server side support or install server scripts. You’ll then need to provide the necessary configuration information and an 80×80 pixel icon. Feel free to Contact Me to discuss further.

If you are an enterprise (small, medium or large) and would like to help your users configure their iphones for click to dial, you too can request your PBX configuration be installable via PBXCode. Your enterprise codes will not be listed here and will remain private between you and us.

Provider Install Code Notes
logo – AsteriskC2D ##1212# Additional CallerID Parameter added
broadsoft – Broadsoft ##1218# Broadsoft anywhere required
fonality – Fonality PBXtra ##1213# Call Center enabled
vonage – Vonage ##1215#




To install a PBX code, start AsteriskC2D or AsteriskC2DPro, select dialPad and key in the corresponding code. Your phone will need to have access to the internet either via GSM, Edge, 3G, or WIFI.


If you need to remove an additional PBX configuration, you can do so by adding a “9” to the end of the PBXCode, eg, “##1215#9”