Simple instructions for configuring Asterisk and AsteriskC2D to allow calls to come from your mobile phone while away from the office.

First you need to make sure the perl script has the “context” parameter set to a context configured in your extension.conf configuration. This context is where all calls from AsteriskC2D will start and look for dialling patterns.


# contexts in extensions.conf to start matching to dialing strings etc.
my $context = 'inside';


You could create your own context just for AsteriskC2D or you can pick one already configured.  To start with you can pick the same one that your SIP phones are using. This will mean, any number you can dial from the SIP phone will work via AsteriskC2D.

In AsteriskC2D you need to specify your number or device where the calls will appear to have come from.  If you want the call to come from your SIP deskphone then simply specify your SIP number eg, “SIP/1234” in the “Extensions” parameter.  You can also specify the callerID, this will work inside your Asterisk PBX, but might not when routing out via PSTN.




If however you wish to have the call routed to your mobile then you need to provide your mobile number, “LOCAL/14085551234”.  You are using the “LOCAL” prefix to have Asterisk route this part of the call via the dialling rules in extensions.conf and place the call.  Your mobile phone will now ring before the other side of the call is placed.